Good morning!

The first unit we will be studying this year will be all about realistic fiction. Do you know what realistic fiction is?

Explore some of the following sites and links to get a better idea. Try to think about what all these resources have in common. Can you make a prediction of what you think realistic fiction is based on what you’ve seen here?  Record your thoughts in your journal and be prepared to discuss your thoughts with the group on Wednesday.

1. Watch this video clip from the movie, Akeelah and the Bee.

2. Take a look at this wordle that has the theme of ‘Realistic Fiction.’

3. Click on the link below. Once at the website, find the button labled ‘All stories-Index’ and click on it. It will open up a new menu full of books. Choose the book title ‘Thank you, Mr. Falker’ and listen to the story.

Story Line

4. Take a look at the books and resources in the blue bin sitting on our book shelf, labeled ‘Realistic Fiction.’

~Ms. Tobleman