Hey guys,

Great job with those podcasts last week! I’ve really enjoyed listening to them and I know our friends and family will enjoy them just as much.

Now it is time for our final assignment for this unit. We are creating digital stories!

  1. Please pick out your favorite realistic fiction story that you have written during this unit and a friend has conferenced with you on. This could be the same story that you used for the podcast if you would like to use that one.
  2. You need to create at least 5 illustrations with your story. You can draw them and we will scan them into the computer.
  3. You will need to include background music and credits at the end of your story.
  4. Use the jing video called “Tips on using iMovie” for a reminder about how to put it all together


Here is a sample digital story that I created based on a story one of my past years students wrote.



As always, if you have any questions, come ask! 🙂

~Ms. Tobleman