Peer Conferences for Revising

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Hey class!

Before an author publishes a piece of writing, they always have someone else take a look at it and ask them how they can improve it and make it better. That is the purpose of peer conferences!

For this step in the writing process, I am going to post a copy of your rough draft for the realistic fiction story at the bottom of this post, so please make sure you put your story in group folders for me. Click on your revising partners story so that it will download onto your desktop. Use Microsoft Word to make your comments and suggestions. Then you will save the document as the story title_revise yourlastname. Then upload it back onto group folders so your partner can get your feedback.

Student Rough Drafts:

As always, if you have any questions, let me know! 🙂

~Ms. Tobleman


It’s time for publishing!

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Hey guys,

We have been working on our realistic fiction stories for a while now. You have conferenced with myself and a friend. At this point, you should be finishing up your revisions. Now it’s time to publish our stories!

To publish our stories, we will be making podcasts and then posting them on our websites. Please follow the directions that are posted on the board near the computer station if you forget how to record your story. You can also ask our Tech Expert of the month, Josh, for help. Of course, you can always come and ask me! 🙂
Here is an example of a story that one of my students published last year. Click on the button to listen.

~Ms. Tobleman

Which ones your favorite?

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We have been working really hard on studying the genre realistic fiction and reading a ton of books!

For this assignment, I would like you to tell me which book is your favorite realistic fiction book, so far. Please put your answer in the comments section below. Make sure to include in your response the title and author of the book, why its your favorite, and what makes it a realistic fiction story.

I can’t wait to see which books you’ve enjoyed the most!

~Ms. Tobleman

Show what you know!

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What a great discussion we had about realistic fiction today! Great job being open and coming ready to talk about it!

For the next part of our unit, I would like you guys to make a presentation that explains what the genre of realistic fiction it. Make sure you do a good job! I will be posting them on the classroom blog to share with our blog followers!

Here are the guidelines for your projects:

  1. The group sign up sheet is on my white board. There will be 5 different groups and they will each have 4 people in the group.
  2. Decide how you are going to present this information. Are you going to use a poster, a powerpoint, prezi, or glogster?
  3. Work as a group to include the following information: what realistic fiction is, what makes this genre special from other genres, and at least 5 examples.


Remember, I am here for you if you need help. All you need to do is ask! 🙂

~Ms. Tobleman

Introduction to Realistic Fiction

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Good morning!

The first unit we will be studying this year will be all about realistic fiction. Do you know what realistic fiction is?

Explore some of the following sites and links to get a better idea. Try to think about what all these resources have in common. Can you make a prediction of what you think realistic fiction is based on what you’ve seen here?  Record your thoughts in your journal and be prepared to discuss your thoughts with the group on Wednesday.

1. Watch this video clip from the movie, Akeelah and the Bee.

2. Take a look at this wordle that has the theme of ‘Realistic Fiction.’

3. Click on the link below. Once at the website, find the button labled ‘All stories-Index’ and click on it. It will open up a new menu full of books. Choose the book title ‘Thank you, Mr. Falker’ and listen to the story.

Story Line

4. Take a look at the books and resources in the blue bin sitting on our book shelf, labeled ‘Realistic Fiction.’

~Ms. Tobleman